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HPC and Parallel Computing in the Cloud

Do you use math technology? Do you use scientific and technical software like Python, R, Matlab, Octave etc.? Are your scripts very time consuming? Do you run out of memory and bandwidth? Do you have problems sharing your results and data? Get into the Cloud Processing paradigm, as simple as this:

  1. Upload your scripts and initial data
  2. Execute them as if they were in your local machine
  3. Check the status of your executions, and receive notifications
  4. Visualize the results, share them, or download them
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Big Data Projects

Do you need to analyze thousands of tweets per minute? Do you need to analyze facebook messages for a long period of time? Do you need to access data sets of more than 10 Terabytes, or cross-check multiple huge databases? We put BIG DATA at a glance.

  • We use the latest technology: Hadoop, Spark, MongoDB
  • Outsourcing services or local installations
  • We have special solutions for SMEs
  • Integral solutions: From data capture to processing and visualization
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Predictive Modeling and Integration

Building predictive empirical models has never been so simple. We provide numerical and/or categorical predictive models from past empirical experiences, together with confidence measures for the prediction:

  1. Upload your independent variables and associated past data
  2. Upload your dependent variables to be predicted and associated past data
  3. Run our predictive engine in the Cloud
  4. Test the models
  5. Check for the best performances, best confidence measures, error analysis, etc.
  6. Integrate the model into your production environment, or let us do it for you!
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